Lindenau Tanker Series Receives Two Nominations For International Awards

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The 23,400-dwt double-hull chemical tanker Conger, largest ship ever to emerge from the Kiel yard of German shipbuilder Lindenau GmbH, was nominated for the "Outstanding Oceangoing Ships Award" by MARITIME REPORTER and Engineering News" magazine (December 1991 issue), and by the U.K.

"Royal Institution of Naval Architects" for "Significant Ships of the Year 1991." The M/T Dorsch, one of the next two vessels of this series, was delivered at the end of 1991. The third ship will be delivered at the end of 1992.

These double-hull tankers have the highest collision resistance Germanischer Lloyd has ever classified for a ship. All three have the highest IMO 1 class for the transport of chemicals in center tanks, and the IMO accepted these tankers as equal to the new double-hull tanker regulations.

Lindenau shipyard designed and delivered the first German-built double-hull tanker 15 years ago. Since then, 16 double-hull tankers between 3,000 and 25,000-dwt have been delivered to international clients. This tanker series is a new design and belongs to the Lindenau Tanker Class 2000. The class corresponds with the highest international rules, regulations and environmental requirements.

The Conger is powered by a MAN B&W main engine. Other machinery includes Renk-Tacke reduction gear, Vulkan coupling for the main engine, KaMeWa controllable pitch propeller and Yanmar auxiliary engines. For free literature detailing the f a c i l i t i e s and capabilities of Lindenau shipyard,

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