New Towing Module

towing module

Eastproject s.r.l. is an Italian company specialized in marine engineering, offshore consulting, development of innovative project applications and brokerage. The company's Managing Director, Sandro Foce, was scheduled to attend the International Workboat Show in New Orleans to present an innovative towing module (patent pending) for installation on escort/salvage tugs, and a new concept of high pull capacity traction winch - 200 tons and over - to be installed under the deck.

This new concept implies that the conventional winches, hawsers and towing on a tug are both combined and mounted in a self-contained steel framework. The unit module can be easily positioned inside the hull on a seating on top of double bottom . this choice offering several advantages: Improving of vessel stability (increase of GM): • Higher safety level; • Recovering of the area made free on the main deck to accommodate safety and salvage equipment: • Recovering of space on fo'c's'le and main deck: • Drastic reduction of installation time since the winch module will be tested at the factory being the piping system already built in.

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