Shipboard Electrical Cable Discussed At New York SNAME

shipboard electrical cable
discussed at new york sname

The title of the paper presented at a recent meeting of the New York Metropolitan Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers was "Electrical Cable for Ships — Past, Present and Future." The author was Dieter Popoff, and some information for the paper was contributed by Kenneth Charboneau and Lloyd F. Gaubert Sr., the latter represented at the meeting by Harold Matherne. All are associated with Marine Industrial Cable Corporation of New Orleans.

Among the aspects of marine electrical cable discussed in the paper were: a history of its inception for use onboard ship to its current posture; regulatory bodies and their impact on shipboard cable; development of marine electrical cable specifications and problems encountered in the process; fire and safety at sea; impact of the space age in marine electric cable; and where we are going in the future with marine cable.

The author concluded his paper with this statement: the cable manufacturing companies, regulatory bodies, and cable users are now starting to make changes that are dictated by economics and safety; these changes, strictly from a technical standpoint, could have been a c c o m p l i s h ed years ago; and they will impact the entire industry for years to come.

At this meeting the New York Section honored Robert J. Tapscott, formerly e x e c u t i v e vice president of George G. Sharp, Inc. Now retired, Mr. Tapscott has been a member of SNAME for 40 years.

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