SNAME Issues Call For Papers For 1985 OTC

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers has issued a "Call For Papers" to be delivered at the 1985 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) to be held in the Astrohall, Houston, Texas, May 6 - 9, 1985.

A 200 to 300-word abstract should be submitted on the official OTC form by September 14, 1984. Authors should send the form to the Program Department, Offshore Technology Conference, 6200 North Central Expressway, Drawer 64705, Dallas, Texas 75206. Copies of the form may be secured from OTC or from SNAME, One World Trade Center, Suite 1369, New York, N.Y. 10048.

The papers should be concerned with new knowledge or experience in some field of offshore resource and environment. SNAME's representative on the 1985 OTC Technical Program Committee is Fred E. Shumaker. Monroe D. Macpherson is the representative on the OTC Executive Committee.

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